Jul 192014
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The meet up went great! Six of us showed up, and at various times we were joined by kind strangers haha.

We met in Clark Park, which was very cute. People were walking their dogs, playing chess, and larp bamfing? Barfing? I can’t remember what it was called but Marco did it!

Marco knew everyone that stopped by, including this excellent dog, Lenny:

Even if Marco didn’t know the person walking by he still offered them one of Bailey’s delicious peach hand pies and told them about Maximum Fun.

We met a number of adorable caterpillars like this fella:

And on the way out we met Lucy the dog:

Here we are all together!

The next meet up will be August 9th, and is possibly going to be a Sangria Crawl that Rachel’s HOA is putting on! Wooo Sangria wooo maxfun~~~~~

Jul 152014
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Anthrocon was great as always. Next up will be FA United in August; come see me there!

But for now I’m working on my crochet book again. So exciting! A bunch of wonderful volunteers are helping me check my patterns which is so nice of them.

For instance here’s my baby gryphon design:

And here’s Crochet By The Way‘s take on it:

She made some great suggestions and I’m excited to implement them. You can visit Crochet By The Way‘s Etsy shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CrochetByTheWay”.
On to checking more patterns!


Jun 232014
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So I’ll be at Anthrocon in a week and a bit sellin’ my wares and takin’ commissions! I can’t wait to see everyone!

I also have decided to branch out into tshirts. My first design is a baseball platypus tshirt. Don’t think too much about it other than it’s CUTE and you NEED it. XD I’m currently taking preorders in my store and at Anthrocon (ends 7/7/14). Hope you like the design!


Aug 182011
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Been working hard on the owlets for Intervention:

In other news I was working on setting up my Etsy shop but after figuring out the way they deal with shipping charges I have decided not to use them. They basically force sellers to overcharge for shipping! So for now I will set up a low-tech shop on my site, and then look into buying a SSL certificate and one of the programs that lets you have a store right on your site.

Aug 062011
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Gallery is mostly up minus a few items. I’ve been working hard on crocheting Fats Alicorns and Fats Ham-Hams.

Assembly line!

Here’s everyone enjoying a day at the lake. One of these things is not like the other…


Jul 162011
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Back from Anthrocon!  I’m really excited that my website is up and running.  :)   Currently I’m working on getting my gallery back and using Etsy for my store front.  I aim to complete those two goals by the end of July so check back soon!  Commissions are open in the mean time.

Current projects:
-crocheting more Fats Alicorns and Fats Ham-Hams to sell
-creating new patterns for a dragon and a giraffe
-finishing up the left-over Generation One Owls for Intervention
-starting the Generation Two Owls for Intervention
-finishing a watercolor commission

Hey if you like the internet and you like conventions check out Intervention and PREREGISTER!

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