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Intervention 2013 (Aug 23 – 25) – Your Online Life, In-Person

Webcomics & Commentary

Onezumi – Stupid & Insane Defenders Against Chaos (& My Annoying Life)
Scaredpoet – News + Blog = Awesomeness
Nerd Comics – Neeeeeeeerds!


Maximum Fun – Includes “Jordan, Jesse, Go!” and other fun pods that cast.
Overthinking It – Exactly what it sounds like. Nerds.
How Stuff Works – If you’re one of -those- people.

Animal Stuff

Feline Rescue Mission – They now help puppies too… Traitors! (Please donate!)
Hermit Crab Association – Hey, who doesn’t like hermit crabs?
Ultimate Bettas – Angry at the world? Believe in isolationism? These fishies are for you!

Resources – Website help, includes the great Pixgallery and Awsom News plugins, etc!

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