Jul 202013
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"An effective thriller with a good twist in the ending. Not since The Sixth Sense has a movie
given me such a surprise at its ending." - Some schmuck on IMDB

Really? Because after 5 minutes of watching this IN THE MIDDLE of the movie already in
progress I guessed that amnesiac Liam is most likely a kick-ass fighting machine, aka a spy.
I was hoping not, though. Hey, if that fooled ya, Schmuck from Australia, let me blow your
mind, Tom -never- catches Jerry.  I know, right? It's hard to imagine considering how hard and
how many times he tried.

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  3 Responses to “Special Ep 01 – Peanut, Where Art Thou?”

  1. Aw… you say the best things to me. I am just a simple fish, nothing more, nothing less


  2. SHARKY!!!!!

  3. We love you, Sharky!

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