Oct 202013
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The Conjuring (31:00), World’s End (40:20), Rifftrax’s Starship Troopers (whenever), Riddick (1:00:00)

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any mental anguish caused by being exposed to spoilers (times are in parentheses). You’ve been warned.


  • Another installment of “What Will You See?” includes Sandra Bullock getting attacked by Apocalypse.
  • “Saved By The Bell” reboot? Huh?
  • Kimu has way too many problems with “Robocop” using just the trailor as reference.
  • Kate hates sweating.
  • ASMR personal training?
  • WTF is ASMR?
  • The Conjuring. Another pro-Christian monstrosity… or is it?
  • The World’s End. Pure genius. Obviously not done by humans.
  • Is Kimu the only person in the world who likes Starship Troopers?
  • Kate, like any sane person, hates Starship Troopers, although believes the Rifftrax version is great.
  • Riddick, although nice in a fight, is no Casanova. Can you say, “embarassing at a party”, anyone?
  • Kimu doesn’t know the difference between knitting and sewing. His dreams of being a tailor have been crushed.


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