Aug 202013
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Despicable Me (13:00), Pacific Rim (17:00), The Wolverine (24:30)

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any mental anguish caused by being exposed to spoilers (times are in parentheses). You’ve been warned.


  • Another episode with “What Would You See?”. Future movie details are utterly butchered.
  • Kate lacks memory of childhood glee, hence her dislike of Pacific Rim.
  • The Wolverine is 1000000% better than Wolverine: Origins. The feeling is unanimous… with the world.
  • Is nationality also considered a race? You decide!
  • Kimu babbles on about the Torchlight 2 game (31:30). Kate rants about her My Little Pony game addiction.
  • The new Dr. Who, first thoughts?


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