Jul 202013
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Unknown (04:00), The Heat (09:15)

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any mental anguish caused by being exposed to spoilers (times are in parentheses). You’ve been warned.

Recorded at Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, PA.


  • What is a Furry? Is there any sub-sub-culture that even Furries make fun of? Answer: Baby furs.
  • Is it fair to have an opinion of a movie if you’ve seen only bits and parts of it? Example, Kate’s relationship with the movie, “Unknown”.
  • Everyone agreed that the movie bit. Hard.
  • Is talking about Transformers lore for an hour and a half too much? Answer is no, it’s never too much.
  • Sam and Dean slash from “Supernatural”. Really, did we have to go there?
  • Oh we have to explain what slash is? Of course.
  • Kate unequivocally enjoyed “The Heat”. Kimu was slightly annoyed by inconsistencies and its predictability, but gives it a pass due to what kind of movie it is. Rewarding bad behavior is all the rage, dontchaknow?
  • Kate doesn’t believe that women generally want a romatic plot somewhere in most movies they watch.
  • Peanut, a miniature Shetland pony was to show up all day Saturday at the convention. Heads will roll if she/he doesn’t make it.
  • Kimu is pissed that he doesn’t have a List. He blames this fact for the real reason this particular episode is “Special”.
  • “Supernatural” nerd babble.


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