Jul 262014
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6 months late. Oh boy. Prisoners (10:19),Carrie (13:41),Catching Fire (16:43),Thor 2 (22:34),Dr Who Aniversary Special (34:24),My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (39:25)

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any mental anguish caused by being exposed to spoilers (times are in parentheses). You’ve been warned.


  • What Will You See? The future is now. Well, actually it’s in the past now. Sorry.
  • There’s ranting about when new Dr. Who episodes actually come out…
  • … then pleading with listener(s) to let them know when.
  • Another Tabb Person, where are you?!
  • Thorki (Thor/Loki). Fanfiction. Imagine the horror.
  • Kate realizes she’s a mean person… and finds it hilarious.
  • Rambling… just rambling. Must learn to focus during recording
  • There was a great “Sorry-Off” at a restaurant between Kimu and a waitress… apparently.
  • Both K&K reminisce about being Master Scooopers at Friendly’s in an age gone by.
  • Waiters and waitresses, are they hired to serve people or what?
  • Kate talks about Castiel, her Campbell hamster…
  • … Honestly, you could stop listening at 45:00 minutes. The rest is babble.


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May 292013
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Our very first podcast!  You know what this means?  It means you all have to give us some slack while we start figuring all this out.

Very important: This is NOT a spoiler-free environment!  We drink… a lot (no, not the alot creature), and we have no way of policing what comes out of our mouths.  You’ve been warned.  We tried to include the time when we started talking about a particular movie. Key word is, tried.


  • We did not like The Great Gatsby, it did seem that you could read the book in the time this movie ran.
  • Kate Liked Iron Man 3 (7:30), Kimu did too until he thought about it.  He now doesn’t like it.
  • Kimu enjoyed Star Trek: Into Darkness (14:05) but not as much as Kate, apparently.
  • Reviewed trailers for Epic, Superman: Man of Steel, World War Z.
  • Kate quotes Anchorman 2 from memory and drools over Thor 2.
  • Kimu JUST found out what the slang-term “skeet” means about 10 years too late.

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