Jul 272013
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With guest, Shawn Keitt. Kimu’s solo episode tries to refudiate certain accusations. Kate is NOT responsible for anything Kimu says, or does. Heck, even the music intro/outro is purely a Kimu production. All complaints should be sent to idontgiveacrap@frankenshoe.com.

Guest: Shawn “DJ Sureshot” Keitt
Website: http://www.universalmcdj.com
email: universalmcdj@yahoo.com


  • Kimu tries to show that he isn’t, at core, racist. This is a current theme for the entire episode.
  • Does talking about something ‘racial’ put you in danger of being considered ‘racist’?
  • Shawn gives a couple of examples of being targeted for what seems like profiling.
  • If a joke is controversial, would all be forgiven if it is funny? What if you suck at the career you chose (comedy)?
  • Are Will Ferrell and Robert Downey Jr racist?
  • Blackface. Is it -really- that bad?


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