Jul 192014
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The meet up went great! Six of us showed up, and at various times we were joined by kind strangers haha.

We met in Clark Park, which was very cute. People were walking their dogs, playing chess, and larp bamfing? Barfing? I can’t remember what it was called but Marco did it!

Marco knew everyone that stopped by, including this excellent dog, Lenny:

Even if Marco didn’t know the person walking by he still offered them one of Bailey’s delicious peach hand pies and told them about Maximum Fun.

We met a number of adorable caterpillars like this fella:

And on the way out we met Lucy the dog:

Here we are all together!

The next meet up will be August 9th, and is possibly going to be a Sangria Crawl that Rachel’s HOA is putting on! Wooo Sangria wooo maxfun~~~~~

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